Realms Beyond – A classic turn-based fantasy RPG

Tools Preview

This is a little preview video of our editing tools, which will be shipped along with the game as mod tools, so you can create your own scenarios and campaigns.

Our map editor allows you to texture and modify the landscape, place objects and effects, set the lighting and place creatures and NPCs on the map. It’s a powerful editor which gives you a lot of options, but the map building process is quick and easy to learn.

The dialogue editor is just as easy to use and just as powerful. Easily write different conversation nodes and connect them with a click of your mouse. Add conditions to the different dialogue options, making them only available to certain classes or races. Or make them dependent on the player character’s gender, or a certain skill or stat...

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Help us to find out the demon’s true name!

Thank you for voting!
The name of the demon has been finally revealed:


Congratulation to the invoker: Samuel Reifert also known as @trefierleum on Twitter.

  • Heftherast (29%, 61 Votes)
  • Tanshalar (18%, 38 Votes)
  • Básmhargorta ("Dreadful Hunger") (17%, 35 Votes)
  • Alsharooth ("The Devourer") (15%, 32 Votes)
  • Zugamoth, Bringer of the Long Night (14%, 30 Votes)
  • Anphazazel (7%, 15 Votes)

Total Voters: 211

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Thank you all for your fantastic contributions! Even if your name hasn’t achieved the first place, maybe we will use it to name one of the numerous other demonic creatures in the world of Argea.

Links: The related update on Kickstarter, the related thread on Twitter and in our forums.

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Our kickstarter campaign is live!

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, we just launched our campaign on Kickstarter!

Beside on Kickstarter, our trailer is also available here:

For anybody, who received a Special Gift Voucher from us at the Gamescom in Cologne, we prepared some instructions (in German Anleitung zum Einlösen des Gutscheines).

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Back home from Gamescom

There and back again – is what we’d say about our adventure at the Gamescom!

We are finally home again after an amazing week full of meeting new and old friends, planning, joking, being way too tired, feeling all sorts of overwhelming things, almost losing our voices, and explaining what we are doing over and over again to you guys!

We want to extend a very warm thank you to the company Trusted Events and their whole team for providing us with technical equipment at Gamescom: A huge 60 inch TV, two lightning fast computers with peripherals, as well as two PC monitors. Also a big thanks to them for sharing their invaluable expertise in setting up exhibition booths at conventions, especially Gamescom...

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