Realms Beyond – A classic turn-based fantasy RPG

Back home from Gamescom

There and back again – is what we’d say about our adventure at the Gamescom!

We are finally home again after an amazing week full of meeting new and old friends, planning, joking, being way too tired, feeling all sorts of overwhelming things, almost losing our voices, and explaining what we are doing over and over again to you guys!

We want to extend a very warm thank you to the company Trusted Events and their whole team for providing us with technical equipment at Gamescom: A huge 60 inch TV, two lightning fast computers with peripherals, as well as two PC monitors. Also a big thanks to them for sharing their invaluable expertise in setting up exhibition booths at conventions, especially Gamescom. Special thanks go to the head of the company, Stefan Kinner, as well as Felix Fauner, Thomas Schäfer and Stefan Blöckinger for their relentless support, without which our presence at Gamescon would not have been such a great success!

Finally, for everyone who could not visit our booth in person, here is our flyer (click the image for a high-res version):

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