Realms Beyond – A classic turn-based fantasy RPG

First Screenshots

In this post, we would like to present you with the first screenshot gallery with images that we have taken directly from the pre-alpha version of the game. We should point out, however, that parts of the engine and visuals are still work in progress.

As you can see, our isometric engine is optimized to display a lot of items on the screen at the same time, without suffering any performance hits. This has been achieved by combining pre-rendered 2D shapes with 3D meshes. By using dynamic real-time lighting on all these elements, the implementation of things, such as different times of day, are easily possible and have become quite important for our world simulation as a whole.

There is another interesting aspect that you may find intriguing. Each one of the small items you can see in these screenshots, including small plants and the mushrooms, are actual in-game items, which means you can pick them up, harvest them, trade them, sell them or loot them.

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