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And I can't wait to give dem my money  :D

News & Announcements / Combat Demo, Character Creation and Screenshots
« on: November 03, 2019, Sunday, 05:38 pm »
Indeed, and this is why this order is important.

Well, outside Sunfire who provided us his precious technical support with his Passolo project and Cyril as a proofreader from the start to the end, though in the last 6 months another proofreader joind us, well, I would say I was mostly alone, at least for the translation part. But finally, it's a good thing for the sake of consistency whith so many crossed files where some parts of texts are exactly the same.  A thing that could have been unseen with several translator, for each of these crossed files would have been translated with slight differences.

Our credit screen with a tribute to Ivan  ;)

News & Announcements / Combat Demo, Character Creation and Screenshots
« on: November 02, 2019, Saturday, 04:04 pm »
Some feedback about the character creation panels.

1) About the Origins section.
From what I see in the screenshot, this part looks more like a 'chosse a race' than an origin. Is there anything you don't show us in this screen like the birthplace? Shouldn't this 'birthplace' element fits better in the biography section ?
2) About the Gender
Outside the 'born as a male/female', I guess there isn't much to tell there, so does it really worth its own section ? Can't you place this gender option anywhere else?
3) Abilities vs Origin/Class order.
If the player choose the 'buy point' system, he will benefits attributes bonus/malus depending on the race later, so the cost system regarding the min/max will loose some of its interest in its current order. Now if the player first need to choose a race before spending attributs points, the min/max will keep its interest. E.G. a player wants to create an elf with 18 in Dex. He will spend less points if he will first have to increase Dex to 16 then benefits later a 2 point bonus in Dex than first start with Dex at 10 by default,  benefit 2 points from the race bonus then increase the dex from 12 to 18 with the point buy system during the attrinut selection phase.
4) About the biography
Will some class/race choices unlock some unique biography? Just imagine a half orc barbarian from the Wildland who would be the son/daugther of a warlord. Just another kind of descent there

Well, we do not have any character counter system, but according to Vince, English version contains more than 600 000 words, though it has about 85000 sentences. French version  might easily have more due to languages disparities.

On a side note, I'm proud to announce that our French translation of Age of Decadence is now available after two long years of hard work, just update your game on Steam, GoG update should come soon. No more excuse for the French community to invoke the language barrier to immerge in this title with a heavy narrative dimension. Maximum support to Iron Tower, they need and deserve it  ;)

Indeed. And a close friend to Nick.
Let's hope they will find someone soon enough, the demo is awaiting the last animations to be done.
We're gonna add a tribute in his memory in our AoD translation credit screen, the least we can do.  :(

Sad news for Iron Tower and the Colony Ship project. Ivan Soloviov, their animator, has passed away two days ago. He was only 39. They lost a good friend and good team member though he was a very discret man. :(,7778.msg156110.html#msg156110

RIP Ivan, you did an awesome work.

Map Editor / User-Made Paid Mods & Scenarios
« on: February 14, 2019, Thursday, 12:29 pm »
I will never pay for some mods, that should always be free

Indeed. Good catch  :D

It works fine now, I confirm. Thanks Hobgob  :salute:

News & Announcements / We brought it home. Thanks to all of you!
« on: November 17, 2018, Saturday, 10:05 pm »
My excitement has just grown  :D

News & Announcements / We brought it home. Thanks to all of you!
« on: November 17, 2018, Saturday, 07:28 pm »
Beside the digital extras, the "Good Old Box" will also  include another physical goodie that is exclusively limited to our Kickstarter backers and will not be part of the regular "Game Box Edition".
Francesca's map?  :D

News & Announcements / Our kickstarter campaign is live!
« on: October 17, 2018, Wednesday, 01:10 am »
And off to a decent start as well, best of luck for the rest of the campaign.
Will chip in the moment the initial goal is reached and the announced alternative backing via PayPal is enabled. Hope the limited physical tiers haven't run out by then.
The first tier for the physical reward (the simple Good Old Box one) isn't limited.  ;)

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