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Map Editor / Modifications
« on: May 19, 2020, Tuesday, 05:46 pm »

I m  curious about the capabilities of  modifications in UrWelt Engine regarding each part of a game developpement (dialogue, graphism, assets, campaign edition, etc...).

The early access will come tomorrow, but in terms of work, it s still a long journey.. Do you think the early access will allow us to edit spells ?


Thanks to AfairFare, we have some videos on YouTube (

I enjoy a lot ergonomy, design, UI and many others things. Finally ! we have a turn based demo which reminds me a lot with nostalgia all good memories of tabletop RPG. I also like hexs, the colors and graphism, which are really sober and not too flashy/intense as many big company games.

To the bad side, it only concerns lore... I m always disappointed when i see a mage breaks the battle with one spell (color spray) cause his area of effect is huge for a spellcaster level 1. I know it comes from D&D 3.5 rules but all these spells are really messed up and some tweaks should be welcome.
Basically, if you want to have an interesting system spells, they have to be equal between them regarding their level and also, stay balanced as long as the mage steps up.
Obviously here, color spray is still too strong for the level 1 and in addition, the spell will be a hit comparing to others level 1 spell at higher level casting.
Then you will always learn the same spell and forget the ones which aren t scaling good enought.


PS : for example, the size of the cone could scale from 1 to X depending mage levels.

Hello from France,

Is there a developper or a backer who plans to make a live stream on youtube ?

I would enjoy to discover the game !!!  :D :D :D

News & Announcements / Combat Demo, Character Creation and Screenshots
« on: March 27, 2020, Friday, 12:18 pm »
I would be so proud to say "it s done when it s done" like if i was a Blizz employee


Edit : What main features are we supposed to test in the beta ? Especially ?

Gameplay Discussion / General Requests for Game Content
« on: February 05, 2020, Wednesday, 08:29 am »
Could the editor allow you to have a part of the campaign dedicated to one or two character ?
 For example, our heroes find a well in a dark dungeon but you have to decide which hero can go down (with a climb dice roll, some heroes could fall and get heavy damage) ;
or they have opportunity of entering in a house to steal some stuff but you have more chance to suceed using only your thief ?
or an oracle ask them to answer to riddle / enigma so they have an intelligence dice roll (same, heavy damage if they fail)
or they have to cross snow-capped mountains (stamina dice roll)

News & Announcements / Finished Map, Coin Design & Combat Beta Status
« on: February 04, 2020, Tuesday, 09:31 am »
According to the minautor's direction i m wondering if it wouldn t be better to reverse his direction to the opposite ?

(Concerning minautor), I m wondering for now if there is a disadvantage to fight against 4 adjacents potential ennemies while minautor could only have 3 hexagons in front (reversing the direction).. With the opposite direction, Minautor would be facing as many oppnents than a single 'Hexagon model'.

Is there a reason of this large monster direction ?

News & Announcements / Finished Map, Coin Design & Combat Beta Status
« on: February 02, 2020, Sunday, 12:30 pm »
I was afraid by the minautor filling 3-hexagons shapes in term of gameplay but it seems to work if minautor is moving nodes by nodes.

Well Hexa surprised me again !  ;)

Gameplay Discussion / General Requests for Game Content
« on: January 24, 2020, Friday, 04:39 pm »
I - and most of the others in the team - enjoyed BG2 and like D&D at mid to high level, but even there is still a level cap (around 25 or so is where most DMs would call a campaign quits). D&D has never been intended to be a system where you can level up infinitely until you are level 100 or so. It's very clearly designed to be within a certain range. Once you go past the 20s there isn't a lot of interesting character development left to do. Your fighter has unlocked all useful fighter feats at that point, your wizard has unlocked even the highest spell levels, there's nowhere left to go other than adding +1 BAB, + 1d10 HP, +1 spell slot etc.

In the D&D system there is no point to leveling past a certain range, so a level cap makes sense.

In the pen and paper system, once your party has become powerful enough to stop the Tarrasque there's no place left to go.

Earning points for leveling up is lazy and makes absolutely no sense within a complex playable, experiencable story/world context. It´s great for pen and paper but for a modern cRPG? Why?

I am so sceptical and at the same time teased with your project...its terribel :) :) :)

I m 36 years and not a developper, so i can t answer from a business point of view.. Earning points for leveling up isn t compatible with open world at least secondary quests will be rewarded with magic stuff. I agree with you, it seems a lot of work without any real advantages for players. You can also adjust xp system letting the player decide among heroes which will level up along the game (it would be more simple and less drastic as remove entirely).

Character and Combat System (SRD 3.5e) / let's discuss about the classes
« on: January 18, 2020, Saturday, 03:14 pm »
Hello from France,

I ve already talked about wizard or sorcerer class.. Spellcasters class has always been over-powered and i won t be surprised if their main use was to throw fireballs and kills ennemy in snapping their fingers. I would appreciate less damage spells (and obviously less strong) in favor of usefull spells (knowledge, traps, charm to get more informations, divination, swiss-knife spells, and so...)

By the way, how wizard are supposed to cast spells traps ? Only if ennemies has been surprised ?

Gameplay Discussion / Player Dimension: Hero or Group?
« on: January 17, 2020, Friday, 02:20 pm »
I guess Halflings can acheive the campaign but not solo, they need their own Gamji companion,.. at least to make cook  :hug:

News & Announcements / Combat Demo, Character Creation and Screenshots
« on: November 03, 2019, Sunday, 09:51 am »
Graphics are so awesome I m attempted to become professionnally a map designer  :salute:

News & Announcements / Combat Demo, Character Creation and Screenshots
« on: November 01, 2019, Friday, 07:31 pm »
January isn t not so far.. Is it 2020 or 2021 ?  :roll:

Gameplay Discussion / This is vaporware ?
« on: October 31, 2019, Thursday, 09:12 pm »
I remember Heroes of MM7 (ofc i never bought it, i m 36 old...)... For sure it wasn t a vaporware, there were so many news everydays, but the game was soooo bad...

News & Announcements / Exploring the World #3: Camp and Survival Part 2
« on: October 25, 2019, Friday, 08:47 pm »
If i have to balance this kind of game WITH a rest system, i would give a try to balance in first the difficulty settings (normal, hard, etc..)  only affecting the power of "healing" functions instead of touching the hit points of monsters (If you do then you should have a really good reason)

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