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Well, if you're there, you may have heard of Iron Tower Studio and the fabulous Age of Decadence (without forgetting Dungeon Rats too) as their first CRPG where choices heavily matter in a post-apo world setting in a Ancient Rome-like fallen Empire.
But let's look at a bright future and talk about their next project, still in turn based, but this time in a party management system where the setting in now based upon a colony ship traveling through space for generations.
More infos in their official tower:

It appears it got today a Steam Page with a short teaser based on some of the artworks.

Today is a good day to add it in your wishlist if it's not already done. No need to wait for thursday for that. :salute:

PS: On another related new, some may be interested to learn that we're currently working on a French translation of Age of Decadence (after the russian and spanish ones), and it is a well advanced project (about 70% of the game is now translated & proofread). A test-build is coming soon.

Site Feedback / Concerning posting a message
« on: August 12, 2018, Sunday, 04:13 pm »
IMHO, I would prefer after posting a message to stay in the same page instead of returning to the forum summary.
Can you do something about that please? Thanks

Character and Combat System (SRD 3.5e) / let's discuss about the classes
« on: December 22, 2017, Friday, 12:38 pm »
Hi there, I'm so glad to learn the return of CC under a new name  :salute: .

In the desc of the classes, it is said there will be 9 classes, but only 8 are revealed.
Realms Beyond allows the player to also assign any one of nine classes to a character, including Fighter, Cleric, Wizard, Rogue, Barbarian, Paladin, Ranger, and Druid. Each of these classes supports a wide variety of their respective feats, actions, and spells to make sure they differentiate well and play very differently in the game.
What could be the 9th one? Monk? Assassin? Oriental classe?

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