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Map Editor / Modifications
« on: May 19, 2020, Tuesday, 05:46 pm »

I m  curious about the capabilities of  modifications in UrWelt Engine regarding each part of a game developpement (dialogue, graphism, assets, campaign edition, etc...).

The early access will come tomorrow, but in terms of work, it s still a long journey.. Do you think the early access will allow us to edit spells ?

Map Editor / Pictures loading screen
« on: February 05, 2019, Tuesday, 08:58 pm »

As i m interested with painting, i wonder if we could hope editing the background pictures between levels into the "loading-screen" ?

And i also hope events can trigger a window with pictures and a story text, describing scene ?

After look at the video editor and his impressive tools, the next question is obvious.. Could we add our pictures in the tool which "nodes texts". (like dungeon master mode of DoS II -- even if never tried that)

Maybe it s too soon to talk about that..

Thanks Ceres,  :salute:

Character and Combat System (SRD 3.5e) / Worries on Spells power
« on: February 01, 2019, Friday, 12:34 pm »
Hello Ceres Games !!!

I ve some worries on how spells can be classified as mandatory, due to the area size of effect and their saving throw difficulty.

Some days ago, i watched again your alpha combat video and even i was sure you have added new features, i was convinced this fight could be an easy won if you were fighting against weaker warriors (with less force.. because the saving throw of web spell seems high to me : DD20) :

As every players i hate RPG games when you know which spells you must use in loop. I m not familiar with 3.5 Rules but i ve played a lot with 3rd edition and i know how some spells can break a party during table games and when a dungeon master must cheat to avoid the game of ending.

I really enjoy the Dungeon and Dragon contents but i can t believe every spells has been tested with different fights context, and we all know here how much work has been done by gibberlings community to balance things after Baldur 's gate released.

Is my worries legit ? Will the game punish you if you don t have these mandatories spells ?

Sry for language,

Gameplay Discussion / Balance gameplay
« on: January 24, 2019, Thursday, 06:13 pm »

First i m glad to support your project and i wish you the best on developping.. Even if sometimes you ll feel lazy..

My question si regarding the balance of the game and the beta test : Do you plan to create multiple stages (without relation to the campaign) where we can test if some spells, abilities and others skills are well balanced ?

Maybe, you won t have time to developp the balance as you want.. And I think it will be possible for community to apply some balance patch after release..

Anyway, I m ready to help you with the mecanics and i woulld be happy to give you feedback on the overall game.


Gameplay Discussion / Rest system
« on: November 26, 2018, Monday, 08:21 pm »
I m so fucked up with the Obsidian rest system.. When i played, i usually had to rest before every fight, which was pretty annoying.

What are the rest system mechanics ?

Off Topic / Cheering on developpement
« on: December 28, 2017, Thursday, 12:57 pm »
Hello from France,
A small message to wish you a good success for your product ! The graphics are awesome and i hope you can reach your objectives !!

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