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Gameplay Discussion / Backerkit blocked me due to multiple attempt logins
« on: July 14, 2020, Tuesday, 04:10 pm »
I probably lost keys to Hazelnut Bastille and Realms Beyond and Black Geyser.... I sent them request to unblock me, but I can't be sure I will get my rewards at all!!!

According to the information I can access, you'll still receive all your rewards from Realms Beyond.

News & Announcements / Combat Beta Released to Backers
« on: May 25, 2020, Monday, 09:28 pm »
I notice the digital version is no longer for sale on the backer site but the boxed version is. Is not including that possibly missing out on some digital backers?

Yes, that's true, we removed the preorder options for the digital version including the early-access.

The late backing period wasn't meant to run infinitely and we must take the guidelines of digital distribution platforms like Steam into account.

Wollte heute einen Charakter machen der sich auf Wurfwaffen spezialisiert.
Dann ist mir beim Schmied aufgefallen das es keine Wurfmesser, Wurfspeere, Wurfäxte oder Wurfhämmer gibt, dabei gibt es das Talent dafür.
Kann mir einer erklären wie es zukünftig mit Wurfwaffen geplant ist ?

Wurfwaffen bzw. "Throwing weapons" sind tatsächlich noch nicht eingebaut. Da fehlen uns derzeit noch die Animationen und Effekte, um das korrekt einzubauen.

Grundsätzlich sind die aber schon geplant.

News & Announcements / Combat Beta Released to Backers
« on: May 22, 2020, Friday, 12:22 am »
- You don't need to show the selection circle together with the monster, when a monster moves closer to the party. When a monster moves, make the selection circle disappear and reappear when the monster stopped moving.
Yes, sounds like a good idea, I will test that.
- Increase crab movement speed. We aren't all pensioners with infinite amount of patience.
We already did that and crabs will be faster in the next update.

German Sub-Forum (Deutschsprachiges Forum) / Kein Druide erstellbar ?
« on: May 21, 2020, Thursday, 06:10 pm »
Bitte nicht neu installieren (das hilft in der Regel sowieso nie).

Der Druide ist derzeit nicht verfügbar, weil die Klasse nicht vollständig implementiert ist und daher derzeit ein Testen nicht sinnvoll wäre.

News & Announcements / Combat Beta Released to Backers
« on: May 20, 2020, Wednesday, 09:34 pm »
As soon as the version runs more stable, we'll add selected early-access backer/purchaser to the combat beta in the next weeks/months.
But please keep in mind, it will be still a beta, not an early-access version. There won't be much content to play.

Map Editor / How are the maps created?
« on: May 20, 2020, Wednesday, 12:59 pm »
They are gorgeous, how are they created?
Like, what program are these environments done in.

We use our own map editor for it, please check out this video to learn more: Realms Beyond - Tools Preview

Those tools will be included in the early access version later this year.

Map Editor / Modifications
« on: May 19, 2020, Tuesday, 11:55 pm »
Do you think the early access will allow us to edit spells ?

Technically, yes, you can adjust existing spells or add new ones. But spells come with more than parameters and scripts, they require unique visuals like particle FX and sounds (and descriptions text of course)

News & Announcements / Combat Beta Released to Backers
« on: May 19, 2020, Tuesday, 11:52 pm »
Hello I am a late backer today and signed up for the early access key.  Is
there something else I need to do to get started?   I am not sure about how to get the steam
key or what else is required of me.  I haven't seen anything from BackerKit either.

Thank you and I appreciate you reviewing this for me!

the early access itself doesn't include the combat beta.
The combat beta  has been an Kickstarter exclusive reward for higher plede levels.


n one of your early blog posts you mentioned "battle crowds" or "minion crowds".  Are these still on the to-do-list or are they already implemented and I just didn't notice it?

The late battles of the Combat Beta (the zombies and skeletons) seem a bit tedious and repetitive with the high HP and DR of the enemies.
No, the group enemies aka "minion crowds" are currently not in use in the current version. Right now, we want to test the basic 3.5e combat first.

We already adjusted the zombies, who had way too many hitpoints.

German Sub-Forum (Deutschsprachiges Forum) / d20 srd Deutsch
« on: May 19, 2020, Tuesday, 11:25 am »

ist es möglich irgendwie an euer übersetzes Regelwerk zu kommen?  :)


Hallo, derzeit haben wir leider noch keine deutschen Texte für das Regelwerk.
Auch wenn es schwer zu erhalten ist, kann ich nur die deutsche Version des 3.5e Spieler Handbuches empfehlen. Das wurde damals von Feder&Schwert exzellent übersetzt. Ist vermutlich derzeit nur noch auf ebay erhältlich.

Are these prestige classes already in the Combat Beta?

No, those are still under design.

News & Announcements / Combat Beta Released to Backers
« on: May 18, 2020, Monday, 03:29 pm »
Fellow Adventurers!

The long-awaited combat beta of Realms Beyond has been finally released to Kickstarter backers whose reward tier includes combat beta access. Assemble your party and enter the Halls of Challenge to brave tough fights that will put all your skills to the test!

The purpose of the combat beta is to provide feedback and bug reports to us, so if you are among those with access to it, we ask you to report any issues to us. The easiest way to do so is in our official Discord server, where we have opened a dedicated combat beta channel. You can also use our official forums here (account registration required).

While the combat beta is not available to the public, there is no NDA on it. You can take screenshots, talk about your experience on forums and social media, or even record yourself playing it on YouTube or Twitch.

Since this is essentially a closed beta, please keep in mind that there are still bugs to be ironed out, balance is not perfect, and some features are missing. We will deal with those issues as we receive your reports. As of now, we have not yet implemented a savegame feature. If you want to speed up animations in combat, hold down <SPACE>. If you have any questions – or suggestions – feel free to contact us about them.

Happy playing, and may you survive the trials of the Halls of Challenge!

Will there be subclasses for the base classes or just prestige classes?
Right now, we only plan with prestige classes.

wrote: lvluptrain
For the spellcasters does their wisdom/intelligence modifier help them have more spells to cast in the game or does it really not affect the total  spells a caster can make?
The INT attribute actually affects the number of total daily spells available. See the D&D rules here: D&D Wiki Wizard's Spells

wrote: lvluptrain
Will there be different difficulty settings for the game as well?
Yes,  most likely two.

wrote: lvluptrain
Are we able to switch spells out during camp or learn spells from magic scrolls?
There is no need to switch spells, since our wizards work like sorcerers (no preparation required).
You can already learn more spells from scolls if your character reached the required spell level. That's already in the Combat Beta.

Off Topic / the email i got at may 16 with a key
« on: May 17, 2020, Sunday, 12:06 pm »
Hi HobGoblin42 don't know if asking here but the I can't access the discord link that I received with the mail. It says it a non valid invitation with expired or I don't have a permission.

Please try this one:

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