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Gameplay Discussion / Patches, Expansions, and Broken Game Mods
« on: April 06, 2019, Saturday, 01:00 pm »
I think it is kind of impossible to create a game, then make updates for it and avoid any problem with mods.
If we look for games like: Total War: Warhammer, Battletech or pretty much any game when we get new / more content, bug fixes and updates it is not possible for creators to check every single mod created by someone.

Naturally if mod is only for, let's say "add 100 new portraits" it should not "break" or be anyway affected by normal update. But if mod have maybe new rules, new classes, new spells, new faction, new game world / areas, monsters and so on it is next to impossible for creators to add new content and promise that every single mod made from, let's say early alpha or even 1.0 (release version) will work 100% ok.

If we look for every single mod what NWN (Neverwinter Nights) get, some will work with Enchanted version, some do not. Some will work with version 1.0 some will need certain update, some will need certain DLC, some need CEP (with certain version) and so on.

Allso will mods work with certain user is another thing? Like if you play game and create module using old single core CPU, VGA monitor (1024x768 resolution or so) with 1Gb DDR1 will it work and scale for person who use 3x 4k monitors and have 16-core CPU with 64Gb DDR4 ram? Or just full HD to ultra wide or 8K? How about MAC, PC, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Linux? So.. ..developers can not really promise that if and when they make updates every single mod will work. Or even if they do NOT make any updates that mod will work in every single system.

BTW now when we talk about game mods... ...I would love to get "Pathfinder ruleset expansion" or something like that. Yes, I know.. ..most likely will take years if people would actually create one but one can hope... It is kind of (A)D&D 3.75 or so :)

News & Announcements / Combat System #4: AI for Turn-based Combat Systems
« on: February 21, 2019, Thursday, 09:01 pm »
- Somekind of "learning" or "intelligence".

I was thinking something like in Red Hand of Doom adventure for 3.5ed. I'll put an excerpt from the book in spoiler tags just in case.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

I was thinking more of "during one fight" instead of "during scale of full game".

Naturally there should be (at some point) be somekind of reputation system, what I guess might be reason why high level party usually never encounter really low level enemies (you naturally do not get any XP from them and idea for level 15 PC paying "good money" for street kids just to gather rats at basement for him / her to kill for XP would be kind of fun idea but err..) but I guess if this game will be more like Baldur's Gate or Pathfinder Kingdom (you can choose where you go but you have only youself to blame if you encounter WAY too high level enemy) you will encounter sooner or later high level experienced enemies.

These enemies (if intelligent) should use multiple different styles in fight I guess. Something what fit for them best based on they background, items and so on. Do they use horses and try to avoid melee using just bows and riding circle around enemies? Maybe they sneak way behind waiting party to make camp then ambush party trying to poison food and attack at night when party is sleeping? There might be platforms build high at tree tops and only way to get there is to try and climb up.. ..not so easy job when enemies shoot at you all around. Naturally if they do have intelligence and they spot party first they surely use ambush and lay traps around, not just fallen tree across the road.

Allso when party have certain reputation it would make sense to meet sooner or later parties who are specific created against that (player) party. Who actually KNOW what abilities, skills and tactics players usually do and try to counter them. What players will do if fight start when they are relaxing after a fight, gathering loot for "normal encounter" (hired trash thugs from city nearby) and suddenly out of no where come: silence spell for caster, paralyze for monk, fear for tank and maybe blidness spell for party archer? Then start a real fight... <= these kind of things should be quite rare still. Something what are mean to iritate player and want to make revenge, get to know truth behind these hired forces (who want them dead and why).

News & Announcements / Combat System #4: AI for Turn-based Combat Systems
« on: February 21, 2019, Thursday, 06:45 am »
What would be nice, but we most likely do not see (except maybe for scripted battles) is:

- Somekind of "learning" or "intelligence". Like if you try and fail to hit that tank in front of the party maybe you leave just one or few attacker (defender) there, go around / attack other targers? I do NOT mean that every single time fight start everyone start attacking party caster and ignore pretty much samekind of outfit using party monk (so please no cheating "we attack low AC target first, because "we know"  what target that is). But "We try to attack everyone and first we manage to hit.. ..hey that is good target for me" is OK and make total sense (instead of, I will keep attacking same target for all the fight totally ignoring the fact that I keep missing, everyone around me is dead and enemy stop fighting and player is lauhging and taking screenshots).

- "Feelings" like you have 2 lovers, brothers, family fighting against your party. When was last time when you notised that enemy stop his/her fight and rush to another side, try to proteck his/her retreat, give a healing potion / use healing magic or just go for berserk fury and try to kill person who killed his/her loved one / family member / best friend or so. (Naturally it helps if they shout / talk something instead of just use grunting, sweat, hits and blood a way to communicate)

That can allso be used for "more higher level tactics" even if that is to protect archer / healer / caster instead of just rushing all in toward first enemy instead of working as a group and protecting your own.

- Ability to have morale, not only based on spells (like fear) but how things are going in battlefield. Like if most around you are dying why not run if you are small goblinoid? Or if your party have managed to slay most of enemies surely rest of your party is inspired, even reckless and high spirited  no matter if some are badly beaten.

- Use enemy greed in advantage? True, it do not work most of the times but surely if you flee you can slow down some enemies just dropping meat / gold or what ever they care for.. ..heck it might even work during fight. Some enemies keep eating a dead horse / dog / any corpse atleast if they are hungry enough (and if pack of wolf choose to attack you they must be hungry) or loot the corpse / take items / money you drop at battlefield.

- Caltrops, wagons, natural or made up "cover", using trees and rocks to cover and attack behind them. Taunting your warrior and running away while rest of enemies try to shoot that warrior (if she/he choose to chace that nimble teaser). I can totally see some pixies using that kind of tactics.

Edit: actual "higher level" tactics would be kind of nice but would need scripting and ability to change map while you are at it (like logs/rocks you can make unstable and fall down at hill, a rope you can cut to make trap spring or bridge to collapse, dry weed, puddle of grease or oil you have created/put in land or web to burst in flames from torch/spell/fire arrow). Not to mention a change to change world map a bit (like forest fire...)

News & Announcements / Our kickstarter campaign is live!
« on: November 26, 2018, Monday, 05:18 pm »
Looks promising, I just hope the graphics get better between now and release.

I personally think that graphics are kind of OK but I hope resolution will scale thinking of future.
What I mean is, if we look "a bit" back from Baldur's Gate yes, it was glorius, really great looking game at a time. But resolution was 640x480.

Now I have personally 2560x1440p (144hz) monitor. There are many who play using 4K. Not so long in future people are start to more use of 8K resolution monitors (Yes I know we had them allready last year and before but I mean a bit cheaper price: ).

So it would be nice that in the future we can (after 20 year or so) play this game still using our monitor native resolution (telling the truth yes, I CAN force my monitor for 640x480 but for 27" it look a bit ugly and not so great anymore as it did 20 year ago).

News & Announcements / Exploring the World #3: Camp and Survival Part 2
« on: November 24, 2018, Saturday, 10:43 pm »
I wonder, can you use magic (or catrops/traps/familiar/pet/exotic animal like mammoth/ your animal companion) in your "guard duty".
Let it be some spell to alarm or just old simple summon/animate spell with long enough time while rest of your party sleep?

Dialogue System / Amount of Voice Acting?
« on: November 23, 2018, Friday, 06:27 am »
I personally am happy without "much" voice acting. Naturally some soundset (with grunts and so on when NPC/PC is selected, attack, is hit, spot something and so on) but I can live without story teller / narrative / audio books / people talking instead of player reading. So bit same as in Baldur's Gate, maybe in cinematic's some voice acting if there are such a thing (just remember that some people will use in future 8K to play and watch them.. bigger is better or just use game own engine for them).

Specially if it mean longer game and more items / quests / places and so on then yes. I have my own eyes, I can read descriptions there is no need for hired people just for voices. If I have to choose between 8 hour voiced game experience or 100+ with less voice acting I choose longer (and for me better) game all the time.

Third stage will be the early access version that gives us another opportunity to collect feedback and to make changes.

Love this!
This can really backfire a lot though. Considering people "bought" themselves in when it comes to that, there is no guarantee that they have much clue when it comes to RPGs like that. So feedback could be that something needs to be easier or that feature X has to be more mainstream etc. I always just have to take a look at MMOPRGs to see how it could end (auto-running, auto-questing, auto-potting even...pah).

Agreed, I hope it mean that we get option to choose for.
- Let's say someone want there are no aligments in the game so you can CHOOSE from options. If you take them you have them, if not you do not have them (or spells what are against certain aligment for example).
- Or if there is option to get "minigames" (like in Pathfinder Kingmaker CRPG) when your party go to sleep. If you so choose you can hunt, people will talk, camp will be hidden, traps are placed, armour and weapons are fixed, bard will sing and people are trying to relax, someone try to find more water for washing / drinking and so on. But if you choose from options "no" there are only change that someone will attack your party while you sleep instead of all these "minigames" (and yes, I personally really love them and like to watch them still but quite many complain because of slow and old computer or just because they want to kill random encounters faster without pause).

Gameplay Discussion / Factions?
« on: November 18, 2018, Sunday, 12:40 pm »
From factions, groups and so on.

If possible try to make it so that:
- Everyone do not "magically" know everything.

What I mean is:
- It is OK and natural in some small group (let's say a one cave full of bandits) everyone know each other and "know" that if they meet anyone who is not "them" they will try to kill that person.
Now IF you are in large city or even country it would be not so clear who you are and how others should react toward you. Meaning: if you are spying from them, steal something or even kill someone let's say in back alley or far away location they should not know that. Maybe yes if you are wearing colors and armour of enemy faction.

One thing what kind of bothers me in many, many games is: if you are alone (or with someone [your party] you know and trust your life) and make an "evil" act. Let's say from 10miles (16km) from nearest settlement find an Inn, loot it, kill everyone, burn place and put some orc arrows or so around and leave => EVERYONE in cities nierby and law enforces around country somehow magically know it. Yes, it is totally possible that someone survived from your attack.. ..but you should have a change to know it during game play [like inspect the crime scene again and see new things, how someone have burrowed up from ruins and discover hidden cellar under burned Inn). Even if you were honor citizen, had city key and they loved you before. Now they just somehow know you are "evil" and want to kill you.

Same for opposite way: you go and kill monster / bandit camp and when you get back everyone know it.. ..way before you even start talking to anyone. People are dancing at streets, giving you huge discount, throwing they flowers and other stuff at you and you are like.. ..err, how did you know this time I did not come just to rest and resuply but actually slay they boss?

So if possible make it so that you (or someone who see things to happen) say first something, give some proof and so on. AFTER that yes, it is great to see changes in how people behave.

"Fame" inside faction / person.
- You are known (they regonize you), so you might get things cheaper / they are more expensive for you.
Or in really rare cases (min/max "fame") they are free for you (like you are they liege lord and they pay it as taxes) / they refuse to sell you or even attack you at sight / call for help and run away.

"Proof" of heroic deeds you have done

So more variables if possible for "same" kind of quests. Everyone have heard or seen "there are some monsters, go and kill them" kind of quest in town information board. Now it would be totally different if you spice it up a bit...

- It would be avesome if you could just happen to be around and see let's say monsters and group of NPC heroes fight, dozens of dead and in the rest only few badly wounded surviving "heroes".. what if: You just slay them, take ALL the loot, cut off monster heads / ears or what ever and get treated as heroes in near settlements (where these actual heroes came in first place to try and make this battle)

Now yes, if you (or your party members) are "good" or "lawfull" that would be big no. Allso there is a change if you try and sell some of these things you get from slayed heroes it will get you in trouble (they friends / relatives or even shop keeper might regonize items "hey this sword and shield is from Tim, he get it as reward for our town in his service")

Other Games / What other games have you backed for?
« on: November 18, 2018, Sunday, 10:04 am »
So, what other computer games, not Realms Beyond, you have (in kickstart or some other way) backed up and are now waiting for. Let us know, write something from the game and why you are interested from it.

-  Thea 2: The Shattering
by MuHa Games
Really liked the first game. It remind me in good way from games like Civilization (yes, the board game). Slavic mythology, strange happenings. You have only one village (atleast in first game) from where you send your loyal worshippers around to study world.

-  Umbra (PC and Linux)
by SolarFall Games

I do like orginal Diablo, Titan Quest and that kind of games. This game is still in development and telling the truth have not played so much from it. It is under name: Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem now days. So this is action RPG with kind of free character development and big world to explore.

- Nighthawks The Vampire RPG
We all (?) remember and love Vampire the Masquerade back in 90's RPG and LARP, allso there is demo to play and try out at kickstart page so..

- Encased — old school isometric turn-based RPG
It take plenty from Fallout (orginal one's, I & II, there is plenty to wish and hope for.. ..time will tell.

Script System / Please avoid these mistakes with your UrWelt editor
« on: November 18, 2018, Sunday, 09:00 am »
This is only maybe loosely for topic but:

- If possible please make in the game for option to "pin" notepad notes in game (world) map like in NWN. Allso option to write and edit your own "Journal". In NWN journal was simple just "YourPCname.txt" and you were able to write what ever you want there.

Reasons for this request are:
In many games you discover places, get quest and so on. And you might get many of them. So if I can put little "pins" in the map like "remember to get back later and try to pick this one lock again when level up" or "I find bear marks here at a tree but they were old, maybe I can find honey during summer so remember to come back and check" kind of things.

Allso for PC journal => you might want to keep track of what you do, sure you most likely get quest log but still. You can write what ever you want to or write nothing. But for me it was allways really nice to write own notes like where I find what things, what date it was, how I felt when I encountered some NPC (and maybe reason for that). After all if you in game have encountered someone yesterday but in real life had to work for a month outside country and when get back and start playing.. get a bit hard to remember "what you say yesterday"  :lol:

- Naturally it would be great to have option to write (small) description for PC and NPC's allso (so you can "inspect" NPC / PC if we get multiplayer or just because you want to see "how other people see" your PC just like you can inspect any other item)

Then some (really random) ideas for game engine:
- In NWN I really loved how you were able to customize and make make new things. For example we had in our PW a wizard tower, if you had good enough spot skill you were able to discover a hidden (underground) path (you get option to get transferred there if you so choose). Then you find a door, if you whisper pass phrase you were able to open that door (for small amount of time) and it would lock after soon enough. So small little things what you can combine make perfection.

- Same for items you can put out there, for example in one dungen I created some torches at a wall, you were able to put them off or on and after some long corridor you find a really sturdy door. Yes, you were able to hack it down (if you make like 1000 damage against damage resistance 5 or so) OR if you were smart you did find a key at near torch holder at a wall when you tried to turn it off / on and find that you were able to turn it sideways and get a key.

- Ability checks. It is allways really REALLY nice to see little touches, like when you find an "normal" dungeon where are some splashes of blood claw marks and fur near altar, if you study them you might find an little description based on your search skill and if your let's say animal empathy / wilderness lore or something like that skill is high enough you might think that action is unnatural for animal and when you finally encounter it you have option to try and heal it instead of just kill it at it's cage (where you have to go through if you want to go other side)*1. Now healing might actually just transfer you other side of the cage and let you go pass the danger, or it might give you (if you are let's say a druid) animal companion because that dangerous animal were actually trying to protect it's offspring or what ever.

*1 Yes, I know, these "skills" were made up / taken from different RPG's, but you do get my point.

Gameplay Discussion / Which sort of locations will we see in the game?
« on: November 18, 2018, Sunday, 08:29 am »
One thing what is now possible and seen in some games is:
Do we see "time" in game?

Yes, it would be great to see actual age / wild fire / war to change things but what I mean more is do we see different weather, seasons?

Like: do we get snow, change of color for leafs, fog so thick you can not see more then 2-3 feet (1 meter) (without spells made just for that), storms, hear (and see) thunder / lightning, maybe flooding near river / sea? Will there be ice so you can cross some lakes in midwinter vs. swim / try to catch a fish during summer at same place?

I know that before it was more of static, because background was hand drawn 2D image. But now it is possible (if made early on) to make different climate, change of weathers and hopefully (so I have read) heat / cold / fog / rain effect your party.

So taking some cliches from books / movies / games: Elf can nible walk top of snow while gruffy dwarf can not even be seen when he slowly walk forward hacking a path using his warhammer. Barbarian laugh and ride happily top of her mammoth while warrior complain how his armor get all rusty and try to make his pack mule walk at cold snow.

Or cheery (local) half-orc dervish keep telling how it is bit cold because it is "winter" and hey can you see that one small bush back there at horizon, only 5 days and we get water.. during summer desert kill you if you walk there at day but hey now at mid winter it is only like +35C during day and as low as +5C during night and there are even less of windstorms and sand worms are hybernating during winter... how lucky are we who choose to cross great desert now and are still alive!

Gameplay Discussion / Stronghold
« on: November 17, 2018, Saturday, 11:08 am »
I did read all what was written here and some of my thoughts:

"(please feel free to share your feedback and ideas below"

Term "Stronghold" can be used in more how to put it.. ..large way.
- Let's say if you have only few things in common with them. Like a chest / place you can store items (and it is shared with other places you "own" like in Pathfinder: Kingmaker chest in Oleg's Trading post next to bed you can sleep is shared with your treasure room chest at your capital)

- Place or places can be something mobile, like viking ship, covered wagon, or simple pack mule. Naturally HOW MUCH you can store (or how expensive it is) change. Heck it can be a painting you hang in a wall and it let you "live" inside of it 24 hour at a time

- They can be something you find in your travels (cave, hounted house, treehouse, hunting cabin and so on) but then you should have options to spend money to upgrade and secure it (for magic, traps or "normal" ways like building a let's say sturdy door).

These should be something either "no one know where they are" or agreement with local authority "if you want that old watch tower just take it but kill these bandits who are living there now". Naturally it can allso be somekind of mutual "symbiotic" relationship. Like you have allied youself with nearby orc tribe, tell them caravan routes and time when they move, heal them or buy new weapons for them and they let you live in one of they huts.

- They can be something you bought, like normal house or room at inn. Nothing more, nothing less. Bit "boring" option but offer change to store your various items there and maybe decorate a bit (unlike normal one night sleep at tavern or outside, if you leave something behind it will be taken / is lost).

- It can be something you get only with status and responsiblity. Like border province with small village and wooden palisade + small fort in the middle (where you live and people can run if attacked) and you have to protect it and pay constantly for few guards. It can easily be some forest where you can live with animals / nixies/pixies/elfs what ever live there and get treehouse or cave instead of fort and village.
Naturally with these kind of "given status and land" offers your quest (for them) will not give you much of gold or other valuables. Allso "bad" or "good" thing is that time to time you DO get something happening there.. ..what might lead for place to be destroyed if you ignore it or you getting dead with place being destroyed or you getting huge amount of XP and loot when preventing attackers (or doing other things these "things" around you happen to need your help with).

Naturally atleast in theory if and when you get more levels you are better known in the world. That might lead people to start following you (followers from D&D) AND if you happen to have some nice "stronghold" you can leave them there, with possible NPC's who will join your party when you want. Allso your party members who are hurt and need TIME to recover (unless you happen to have expensive spells and materials ready for wish, heal or stuff like that. After all growing back a limb or give birth of a child can take some time when you are NOT ready to go out and adventure not to mention growing back from around ½kg of meat you left back incase you will be totally destroyed can take some time [simulacrum spell anyone?]).

Like mentioned before there might be a garden, observatory, your books, study, place you and your companions can spend bit more time and create some items (if professions are in) or where you can give shelter for crafters/artisans/herbalists and so on you meet and resque / hire in your travels and for one or another reason want to "join your band".

- It can allso be just interesting / magical place you want to protect. Let's say once per year you can cut 3 wooden branch what can be used to make one magical bow. Place is special but you can get them only once per year.. ..and who get there first can collect them. So by building a hut nearby (and maybe hiring and elf ranger / forest watch who live there and let you and your band sleep there when you happen to be around) give you better change to get these rare things.

- It might be a part of your own "transport" system allso, distant place where you spend time and money to build tower and top of it you build transport circle to move from one tower to another.

Thinking of "real" reasons why people would want or need these things one is:
- Sooner or later you get "too much" money. So you can spend them and still get a feeling that defeating that dragon or what ever give you something more then "money you do not need and another +5 sword you will sell.. ..for money you do not need"
- Give something what you do not get anyway else (like place to store things, put them in display, meet "people"/creatures you want in one place, product things, move faster / over/under/top of some obsticle you can not walk/swim/fly/burrow/levitate and so on with youself / your spells normally).
- For some players "play Sims" (yes, we all know there will be players who just want to put items in order, change color/place and so on), get married, watch they kids / nearby orphan and so on play and watch cute little baby animals grow up, read near fireplace or watch stars in your own rooftop maybe using your own observatory and so on. OR maybe spawn your own demons, train your own slaves, create your own army of evil little minions and see what happen when you cross breed goblins, kobolds and orcs...

Site Feedback / Forum Badge
« on: November 17, 2018, Saturday, 09:29 am »
We do have our town guard roles in discord allready, so all who are eager to get them head there...

BTW, in "Pathfinder: Kingmaker" after release we get plenty of new people in discord (no surprise) and we get "hidden" channel "old-guard" for these people who have been there all the time (and do not want/can read all what new exited players write and ask for around 100 other subchannel).

So in the future.. ..something to consider after game is released and so on... ;)

News & Announcements / We brought it home. Thanks to all of you!
« on: November 17, 2018, Saturday, 09:24 am »
Congratulations on kickstart and hoping to get "goold old RPG" so take your time and finish when you are ready.

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