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Perfect work Guys !
Please if someone can stream or upload on youtube the full combat demo plz ?

News & Announcements / Combat Demo, Character Creation and Screenshots
« on: March 05, 2020, Thursday, 05:06 pm »
Hello Guys. What about Combat demo ? Can we hope for an outing during the month of March ?
Thanks for the reply

News & Announcements / Combat Demo, Character Creation and Screenshots
« on: January 02, 2020, Thursday, 08:51 am »
Hi, first, thanks for your great work ! I'm so exiting to play. I would like kickstart the project. But i want to know before the real plan of Release Date ? On the kickstarter page, it's notice "Combat Beta (mid of 2019), Early Access (end of 2019), Release (early 2020)" . But it seems that you are late since the demo is not yet released.
Nowhere do I see a note from you indicating this delay. So you understand I am wary of kickstarter projects that never go out.  If the deadlines are met then I will pay the full price to obtain the Gold Box Edition. Otherwise I will take the simple Digital Edition to support your promising project.
Thanks for your answer.

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