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News & Announcements / Combat System #1: Turn-based, RTwP and the Open Game License
« on: January 26, 2019, Saturday, 02:07 pm »
Imagine you have been fighting goblins for the 5th time and your party gained enough experience to steamroll through them, why spend 5-10 minutes to go through a fight when you can in a few seconds knowing full well you will be successful?  Have an option to speed up combat please !
You can decide to let the AI play for you and the whole combat will be resolved automatically and very quick.

News & Announcements / Combat System #1: Turn-based, RTwP and the Open Game License
« on: January 26, 2019, Saturday, 02:04 pm »
Is it possible for characters to have the same initiative and therefore act at the same time, or is taking action very strictly sequential?
The player's turns are always sequential, but we have that mechanism for so-called Battle Crowds, please read more about that here.

Can you delay your action? If yes, can you then take it at any subsequent point or only at the very end of the round?
Yes, you can. Your character's turn will be delayed until after the turn of the next character of yours in the list.

And if all my party members delayed their actions, can they all take their actions simultaneously?
No, your party members always act in sequential order.

Will enemy actions be resolved instantaneously or will we have to sit and wait through each enemy going through the motions of their actions in detail?
You can drastically accelerate enemies' turns  by pressing <SPACE>.

If I don't move, do I get 'more' actions in some way relative to a character that moved?
Not more actions, but D&D 3.5e uses different kind of actions. A 'full round action' for example doesn't allow you to move in the same round.

Is there any possibility of an auto-resolve function for combat that can be used in those combat situations that are just dragging on and on (so not something you'd toggle on/off for the whole game)?
Yes, you can decide to let the AI play for you and the whole combat will be resolved automatically.

Script System / AI sophistication?
« on: January 26, 2019, Saturday, 01:45 pm »
Our AI system uses the technique of simulating and valuating a character's turn in advance (actually hundreds of them).
The character will therefore always try find the best possible combination of movement and using action/spells in one round.

If you want some AI spellcasters to use the spell 'Sleep', just unlock that spell in their character template and the AI will try to make use of it.

Script System / Monster Scripting
« on: January 26, 2019, Saturday, 01:40 pm »
I would like to know the level of  scripting and customization were aloud to implement  with regards to monsters or bosses. Some examples ... can we..

1. custom the race / class /armor / weapon
2. height , skin tone etc..
3. assign level,  powers and immunities
4. trigger behaviors during combat
5. spawn mechanic

You can create you own monsters from the scratch, all attributes, feats, actions, spells, equipment, 3d meshes and animations included.

Gameplay wise, the spawn mechanic usually depends on the encounter group but single monsters have different visual effects when spawning dynamically inside a combat.

Dialogue System / Storm of Zehir Dialogue or Icewind Dale 2 Dialogue?
« on: January 25, 2019, Friday, 04:25 pm »
In our current implementation, you can't switch the talking player character during the active dialogue process. You need to end the dialogue and restart with another character.

Gameplay Discussion / Stronghold
« on: January 23, 2019, Wednesday, 03:30 am »
Best wishes to you guys making this!

Thanks for your support, Mungrul!  :salute:

Other Games / The New World
« on: January 20, 2019, Sunday, 07:54 pm »
edit : it appears that from the main page of the forum, the name of the thread is still the former one : The New World.  Same thing when I modify a message (except for the OP), it keeps the ancient subject's name ;)

It always takes a while until the cache system updates the topic title. Now, it should be correct everywhere.

Gameplay Discussion / How Many Hours?
« on: January 20, 2019, Sunday, 04:20 pm »
Right now, we can't really say how many hours the game will offer because we're still working on the basic structure of the content.

It will be definitely more than 35 hours, since you'll explore quite a large part of our world in the first release.

Gameplay Discussion / Voiced Narrator
« on: January 20, 2019, Sunday, 04:14 pm »
At the moment, we don't have plans for  in-game narration through voice-over. Beside the financial costs, spoken texts are very hindering in regard of adding or editing texts afterwards.
Therefore, we will only have voice-sets that broadly represent different types of character archetypes, you can read and listen more about those in the related blog post. Everything else comes as written text.

Gameplay Discussion / What would make Realms Beyond worth 90%+ on Metacritic?
« on: January 20, 2019, Sunday, 04:05 pm »
Metacritic is meaningful only for very popular games that sold hundreds of thousand copies and got plenty of reviews everywhere. Our game is custom tailored for a small niche of gamers who share our love to that kind of complex RPGs and we most likely won't get many reviews on release.

And honestly, we will not waste our time with the mainstream gaming media or pages like Metacritic. They already refused to take notice of our game during the Kickstarter campaign (we contacted all of them) but thanks to many devoted supporters, we luckily reached out to our target audience anyways.

Meanwhile, I think, the gaming media is totally overrated as tool to attract customers. Almost any  indie hit of the past has been ignored by them until those games became popular/successfull.

We learned that communicating directly with your audience is the only and most efficient way to stay focussed on the game that people actually wants to play.

Gameplay Discussion / Multiplayer
« on: January 18, 2019, Friday, 10:01 pm »
Okay, just to be clear, you can use the characters you created for the main campaign to embark on a user created campaign?  If so, you can potentially get experience from user content and continue on in the main campaign afterwards? Like grinding for XP?

No, you won't be able to re-export those characters to the campaign again.

User-created campaigns will not interfere with the main campaign and the character exchange is only one way.

Gameplay Discussion / Multiplayer
« on: January 18, 2019, Friday, 07:37 pm »
When creating content, how will we implement it in the game world?  Do we just download the content and start playing it? Will I find people creating different level content , where my party would be either too high or too low level regarding the content? Also, can the player content serve as level grinding for the party created in the main story line that's going to ship with the game? Or, are you expecting player contents to be standalone games without the use of our pre-existing party created for the main game?

User created modules are always separate from the main campaign. If you want to modify the main campaign, you need to clone it and create your own campaign from it.
Single adventures campaign modules can be either configured for a certain number of characters and level range or force the player to create new or choose pre-defined characters.

On Steam, the Steam workshop will be integrated in our main menu and we will feature the best campaign/adventure modules there. For the DRM-free version, we still need to evaluate the user content system of

Gameplay Discussion / Immortality?
« on: January 18, 2019, Friday, 07:29 pm »
What i mean about immortality is not infinite health what i mean is stopping the aging process in pathfinder kingmaker you can become immortal so what i would like to know is can we be do the same thing in this game?

At the moment, we don't have such a spell or item but I can imagine we'll have that some day in future versions.

The relevance of aging always depends of the actual time process in-game. In Realms Beyond, we have a very realistic treatment of time, e.g. walking 20 miles by feet costs you about a day of your lifetime.

Gameplay Discussion / party
« on: January 18, 2019, Friday, 07:03 pm »
A second party question: Will our inactive companions keep pace with the ones in our party with respect to experience and level?
No, disbanded party members will most likely just stay in the guild/tavern where you've left them and they will not advance.

Ok, which then means, I suppose, that once we make the decision to include or exclude a companion from our party, we are not going to want to add that companion to the party at a later point in the game since they will be rather underleveled.

Depends. It's a proper strategy to level up weaker characters much faster because they'll get more XP in high level parties.
Our basic game design will include and explicitly support the possibility to lose a character and replace him/her with a newbie from the next guild or tavern.

Gameplay Discussion / Multiplayer
« on: January 18, 2019, Friday, 04:35 pm »
Are we going to be able to create stand alone content for single players to play? Besides the DM option for multiplayer?

Of course, our authoring/modding tools are primarily designed to enable players to create and share their own adventures/campaigns/worlds.

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