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Gameplay Discussion / World Map/Exploration
« on: January 17, 2019, Thursday, 05:44 am »
I know you guys said there is no random encounter, I'm reminded of pathfinder kingmaker which so far does not have a good random encounter system.
But how about an ambush system, where monsters / bandits try to actively  ambush us to gain an advantage in combat.?  Versus the parties survival checks, where we can  periodically  roll to either make perception or tracking skill checks to avoid or track the monsters hidden lair or area? And will we able to create/edit campaigns that involve the overland map as well as dungeons?

I was wondering how much in detail will we able to handle encounters, which probably relate to campaign levels also? Like for example, when we create a campaign do we set the level range of the party? Or, do we set the level of encounters?  Can we set encounters by level scaling it depending by party level? How will that be balanced? Can I create a single boss fight?  Can we customize loot drops and level of loot? Can I set an NPC to turn hostile if a party member chooses a wrong dialog choice etc..?
I know there is a lot of questions here, hopefully you can answer a few thanks!

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