Author Topic: Best Booth Award at Gamescom\'s Indie Arena 2018


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#433 August 23, 2018, Thursday, 11:47 pm
Yesterday we posted an update on our experience at Gamescom and how we constructed our booth to create a fantasy atmosphere fitting for our game. Today we have been awarded the prize for the Best Booth of the Indie Arena!

We feel honored that our booth was so well-received. We have to give credit to our suppliers, who provided us with the swords and armor pieces on display at our booth: The online store for authentic replica weapons and armor,, and the media production group Kaptorga - Visual History. Without their generous contributions, our booth would only have been half as beautiful!

Many thanks also to our colleagues and the volunteers at the Indie Arena who voted for our booth. And of course to the many visitors who show interest in our classic old-school RPG. Your positive feedback exceeded all of our expectations!

Gamescom is still going on until Saturday, so you still have a chance to meet the devs, get a Kickstarter gift voucher, and get any questions you may have about the game answered.
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#435 August 24, 2018, Friday, 12:38 pm
Big up for this award, hopefully full of  :gp: 
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#460 August 29, 2018, Wednesday, 09:58 pm
You deserved it, compared to other booth, you had the best one from far away ! 8)