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Greetings, all!

It's been well-publicized that Realms Beyond has a party maximum of 6 concurrent main characters, not counting animal companions, mind controlled minions, familiars, etc.  What I haven't yet found is how character stats are generated.

I propose this system.

All races start with a base 8 in each ability score and get extra ability points on a 1:1 basis (like in Planescape: Torment) instead of a tiered point buy like the default of 3.5 and Pathfinder rules.  The maximum of each base stat is still 18.  Racial and age bonuses can still exceed this at character creation, and ability boosts from other sources (like a Headband of INT or a fox's cunning spell) can boost these even further.

Most races except Human give a stat modifier to at least 2 stats.

Point Buy and Character Power (Game Difficulty)
All player characters in a party are assumed to be made with the same point buy, though parties of mixed point buy characters may be feasible.  I don’t recommend it though for the sake of intraparty balance.

Game Master (Story Mode Easy): All base 18s.  Party members can’t die nor have their current HP reduced below 1 and are immune to permanent impairing conditions such as petrification.  (Allied units and party-summoned creatures also have this immunity.)
Demigod (Super Easy): All base 18s.
Superhero (Very Easy): 50
Hero (Easy): 32
Adventurer (Medium - Default Difficulty): 28
Aristocrat (Difficult): 22
Commoner (Very Difficult): 16
Showoff (Super Difficult - Not necessarily possible to win): 10
Perfectionist (Unfairly Difficult - Not necessarily possible to win): 0

I chose these point buy numbers due to the number of stats a character could have at which amount.  To me, this meant:

-10 points to max a stat (+4 base modifier).
-8 points to make a stat 16 (+3 base modifier).
-6 points to make a stat 14 (+2 base modifier).
-4 points to make a stat 12 (+1 base modifier).
-2 points to make a stat 10 (+0 base modifier).

I assumed that on Adventurer difficulty and easier, players would make characters with 18 in the prime stat (INT for Wizards, etc.) while going for a minimum of 14 in DEX/CON/WIS or going for a minimum 16 DEX/CON with the remainder entering WIS.  (This stat pool is spread thinner for classes that need 4 stats, like hybrid casters.)

My reasoning was that players will likely want to play the smartest Wizard or strongest Fighter or such since these stats directly govern how well these characters can do their shticks until others.  DEX is handy for AC, initiative, and Reflex saves while CON is handy for Concentration checks, Fortitude saves, and HP.  (Each is handy or necessary to have high for those who want to avoid frequent reloads.)  WIS helps with Will saves and maybe other stuff that matters less to a non-specialist.

Flaws & Traits
-I'd like these flaws and traits to be implemented, if only eventually.  They're still optional and still limited by default to a maximum of 2 each.

Randomization Options and Toggles
I'd like to be able to randomly choose a character's name, sex, appearance, race, class, flaws, and traits.  (Perhaps this is done by clicking a d6 button and choosing which of these options - name, sex, race, etc. gets randomized.)

Recruiting Hirelings
Since we can recruit hirelings (additional mercenary characters with seeming no predefined personality) mid-game, there's the question of what level they should be or the EXP total they should have when recruited.

One optionn is to follow the Leadership cohort table, except hirelings will always be the same level as party maximum or average until level 4, when they start falling a level or 2 behind.  Perhaps hirelings of various levels will be recruitable regardless of location and party level and players can choose what level of character they want to recruit up to the maximum with higher level hirelings costing multiplicatively more.

Perhaps completing quests is somehow directly tied to the highst level of recruitable hirelings.  For example, beating a level 2 area unlocks level 2 hirelings while beating a level 10 area unlocks level 10 hirelings, even if the party hasn't already beaten lower-level areas.  (The maximum level of recruitable hirelings in this case is equal to the highest level of unlocked areas.)

Other Hireling Notes
I would like the ability to recruit hirelings of non-PHB races at the appropriate costs including effective character level.  Temple of Elemental Evil had a troll Barbarian NPC, a Succubus Sorcerer NPC, and a Hill Giant Fighter NPC.  What about more exotic races for hirelings here?
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1.01: Updated post with flaws, traits, and randomization.


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#1461 March 10, 2019, Sunday, 02:56 am
I personally like this, generally, though some of the parts confuse me, but I really like the traits/flaws. I don't know about monster-followers but there's like a hundred different non-core races and I wouldn't mind seeing most of those as followers
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#1462 March 14, 2019, Thursday, 03:00 am
Yes, character backgrounds and flaws are a fun way to build (and role-play) a more unique character.