Author Topic: Skill Checks in Dialog Boxes


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#1344 February 06, 2019, Wednesday, 07:23 am
Greetings, all!

For skill checks in dialog boxes (like using Sleight of Hand or Diplomacy as a dialog option), I'd like this system:

-The character with the highest modifier (or most favorable circumstances for non-numerical things, like race or sex or class) is used to make the check regardless of who initiated dialog.

-Noncombat skill checks are a static modifier against a static DC.  Thus, for example, if you have at least +5 Disable Device, you can disarm the trap.  (Characters are assumed to take 10 or 20 as appropriate.)

-For skill checks that involve the entire party (like jumping over a pit), each character's modifier against the static DC is used instead of merely the one with the highest modifier.

Convenience is my main reasoning for this.  Pathfinder: Kingmaker did this part well.