Author Topic: Skill Checks in Dialog Boxes


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    Jan 16, 2019
#1344 February 06, 2019, Wednesday, 07:23 am
Greetings, all!

For skill checks in dialog boxes (like using Sleight of Hand or Diplomacy as a dialog option), I'd like this system:

-The character with the highest modifier (or most favorable circumstances for non-numerical things, like race or sex or class) is used to make the check regardless of who initiated dialog.

-Noncombat skill checks are a static modifier against a static DC.  Thus, for example, if you have at least +5 Disable Device, you can disarm the trap.  (Characters are assumed to take 10 or 20 as appropriate.)

-For skill checks that involve the entire party (like jumping over a pit), each character's modifier against the static DC is used instead of merely the one with the highest modifier.

Convenience is my main reasoning for this.  Pathfinder: Kingmaker did this part well.


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#1460 March 10, 2019, Sunday, 02:26 am
I agree with this, because who would be a fighter looking at a locked chest and say "I'm going to pick this" and try to use lockpicks when there is a rogue or ranger, etc nearby? Also, I like a bash option for chests, personally, but don't muck care for the "20% chance of destroying any individual object inside it" that's a part of the DnD 3.x DMG

The group checks also, if you're climbing a ledge or something and the majority of the party makes it, damage the ones that don't but have them up top anyway, cause who's not gonna help? or if the majority miss the check, damage them and have everyone at the bottom because it's often detrimental to try to go on alone in those situations. And I very much enjoyed the modifiable situations in Pathfinder: Kingmaker as well, makes me feel like there's some actual effects in the game for having a certain spell prepared or carrying a spare rope.
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