Author Topic: Information and Maps as Treasure and Rewards


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#1357 February 09, 2019, Saturday, 03:41 am
Greetings, all!

While many quest rewards are items, EXP, or/and access to another part of the game, information and especially maps have been generally deemphasized as rewards or treasure.  (As GM, I've only rewarded the group with a map once, and that was semi-accurate and I happened to have it around since I ran that scenario recently, and Arcanum had a map in History of the Dark Elves.)

Perhaps the group finds some merchants who sell maps of or to locations, then players need to determine how accurate these maps are.  Maybe the maps are old or/and misleading.  Maybe they're expensive and accurate.  Maybe other explorers and adventurers (rivals, colleagues, allies) are in the world and would be willing and able to swap secrets with you for a price.  (As an aside, I like the notion of rival adventuring parties with their own motives, even if it's 'get there first' and 'get paid/promoted.')  Maybe the town drunk who said he saw something really did see something, but it wasn't what he thought he saw.

When obtaining information in such a fashion, sometimes a Sense Motive check is warranted to detect lies or misleading or confusing information.


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There are treasure maps for sale in Divinity: Original Sin, although I think they would have worked better as loot drops.