Author Topic: let's discuss about the classes


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#1466 March 18, 2019, Monday, 07:22 pm
Even if the game and his developpement looks in good hands, i don t see prestige-class as mandatory, and from what i know about difficulty of bringing a wealth to a virtual content, I consider prestige-class in my mind as secondary goal, something which can be manage after the release.

I m also excited by the prestige-class but i prefer to see main different classes well implemented with strategic and limited in game decision depending on your party..

Did i tell you 6 characters personalities in a party make me feel sad when i know there are 8 or 9 main classes ?

which features won t be cover by a party containing so many characters ? I wanna make a choice when i create my party, i want to know which class i have to put aside and  which class is missing me..
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#1571 May 14, 2019, Tuesday, 10:26 pm
According to the concept arts, some are dual wielding, It's confirmed or just to serve the illustration?

Of course, the Barbarian class will have Dual Wielding (as well as the Rogue).

It's taken me forever to get back to this, so it may be answered elsewhere. Would the fighter also have Dual Wielding? In this rules system, with all the accompanying feats, Dual Wielding is a great bit of fun.