Author Topic: Pre-made events?


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#2068 December 27, 2019, Friday, 05:51 pm
Your plans for the editor and script system sound great. What I'm wondering is whether the editor will include a couple standard scripts, or perhaps have the ones used in the game itself available as examples from which to start.

I'm not familiar with the NWN toolsets, but I was able to create a campaign about the size and complexity of Ultima VI in a relatively limited amount of time with a freeware editor because that editor has something like 100 predefined events, all of them referring to the same pool of 8,000 global flags. This allowed me to create an event like "Using the Black Orb at place X opens up dungeon Y, activates its guardians and makes it so NPC Z knows about this" in less than a minute with zero lines of scripting code. In RPGMaker, on the other hand, you basically have to start from scratch, which makes things quite annoying!

This is probably not all that relevant if you reduce gameplay to combat and dialogues. But I like my environments to be a little more interactive and... puzzling, so to speak  :roll:

Unrelated: why is there only a single verification question? Come on, where are "Which realm has a cloudy side and a dark side?", "Which city is at the center of the Outer Planes?" and of course "What is the name of the Blade of Destiny?" - The bots will eventually learn!  8)