Author Topic: Database of all turn-based games (800+) released or coming to Steam


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    May 18, 2020
#2329 May 18, 2020, Monday, 01:46 pm
Greetings fellow adventurers. As we're all waiting for the release, I'd like to share something I've done and which be interested for you all.

Back in 2016 a couple of friends and I have founded Turn-Based Tactics, a Steam group dedicated to turn-based games such as RPGs, tactics, 4X, roguelikes, board games, card games and other subgenres. It sort of snowballed as we now have over six thousand members. Every Saturday we post an update wrapping up the news of the week: new releases and expansions, announcements, betas, demos, crowdfunding campaigns, etc. We use a spreadsheet to keep track of all this data. We've recently decided to share it with the outside world. It currently lists 800+ titles sorted by release date, genre, dev, country, price, reviews, metascore... And of course Realms Beyond is included.

Enjoy and let me know if you have any feedback: