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#2467 September 29, 2020, Tuesday, 11:55 pm
Hi, this is a question for the developer:

When this game will be on early access ?

- First it was supposed to be release in march this year  ( this i don't really mind, you want to polish the game i understand)
- The part that bug me the most and i am sure i am not the only one is:  WHY WE NEVER HAVE ANY NEWS ABOUT THE GAME ?
- Just taking 15 min per months to say hi we are working on this or that, we have  an issue with this or that ... just to know that the game is not dead !



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#2468 September 30, 2020, Wednesday, 12:01 pm
There s a difference between the combat early access and the early access beta, so they have decided in march to give us a bigger previous of the game in order to have a little bit more feedback.

Then, you have no news cause they are a small group of developpers and they have to focus on the game, there s no forum manager.

If the game was dead they wouldn t have received money from FilmFernsehFonds Bayern.

I m also a bit worried but sometimes no news, good news isn t it ?


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#2469 October 03, 2020, Saturday, 05:08 am
Those of us at the sufficient backer tier received the combat beta in May.  There have been numerous bug fixes on the combat beta since then. Around a month ago a rather nasty bug that was still causing crashes to desktop for some people was fixed.  It's now running very stable but there are still some bugs and issues. 

They've never given a solid release date for the Early Access version because there's still work to do before it's ready.

Here's a recent comment about release date from the developers on their Discord chat, which anyone can join btw):

"Early 2021 is the plan. With 'early' meaning any time during the first half of the year. We're not going to state any specific month because it would be talking out of our ass. We could roll a d12 and pick whichever month it gives us, that would be just as accurate.

We're still working on the game and will release it to EA when it's ready for that. We're not at a point where we can confidently give an exact ETA to the month.

Remember the constant changes of the Combat Beta release date? If we picked an arbitrary date now, this situation would likely repeat."

Also note that backers who pledged for an EA version will get it at least a month or two before it starts selling on Steam to the general public. My guess is that the backer EA probably won't come out until next year. The programmer still has some bugs to fix in the combat beta & non-combat features that aren't fully implemented yet such as stealth. Meanwhile the writers / designers are still working on quests.

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#2479 November 11, 2020, Wednesday, 01:13 am
Hi friends. what can I say. after nearly 4 years  looking over my monitor whishing and praying  that this game would come to life. but I am 74years old now but  I am
 not  done for yet so.  come on guys/  FOR THE FALLEN