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#2470 October 03, 2020, Saturday, 10:17 am
Hello community,

I create a new topic with the same name of the gibberlings mod for BG2. Unfortunately, I never was able to test this mod on BG2 due to the incompatibility with a french traduction version of the entire game.
Actually spellcasters from most of the game inspired by DD rules are overpowered, indeed wizard is the best class to finish the game with only one character.
The purpose of this topic is to gather your toughts and feelings on the subject and contents which deserves/need from your opinion, a modification.

DD rules concerning spells are quite old and despite nostalgia, honestly there aren t really enought flexible to me. A spellcaster is promoted to make direct damage while the spells are diverse and creative/interesting, in addition during his progress, wizard's power spell enhance exponentially with the level of the spellcaster while he could only be specialized in a magic school; indeed even it s also necessary to scale the lowest spell tier gradually, we can assume every damaging spells become stronger independently and by the way, with snowballing, creates a monster.

I  would like to know your opinion on the system, if you like the actual spell system design or as i think, it deserves modifications. Do you prefer a more oriented and restricitve class spells system (with specialized schools like illusion, evocation, conjuration, abjuration,....) with less authorized spells and more custom wizard class ? Do you enjoy actually the freedom to learn the same spell multiples times at the expense of setting aside the rest ? Are you afraid to gather useless spells ? Would you prefer while you re reaching the top level, to have less choices among spells per level in balance of uniqueness ? Would you like wizard mastering only two school of magic ? Would you like to take more risks when casting damaging spells with a longer duration of spellcasting ?
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#2494 January 26, 2021, Tuesday, 09:46 pm
If we play D&D game magic system is OK (based on the world settings and so on).

But yes, there are other maybe more interesting systems but they can be abused allso. Like in Runequest runemagic if you have enough time and just gather enough runesticks you can in theory just keep casting magic for years or so.

In Stormbringer we have kind of interesting idea, you have to deal with demons/spirits and they grant you "magic" or powers. They can be bind for powerfull items (like that sword, Strormbringer) but they are alive and they have they own will, they can shape they wielder actions and might even corrupt them in long run.

So yes, there are many RPG systems and many ways of how magic can be done. D&D is working OK. I personally love as setting where most "powers" are from gods who fight and die in old times. They blood fall down in land where people (they followers) allso fight and so on...
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