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Combat Alpha – Gameplay Video

Finally, we completed the first iteration of the combat system and recorded a HD video to demonstrate it to you.

If YouTube starts the video in low, blurry quality, please change the resolution manually to 1080p60 or 720p60.

Please be aware, due to the nature of alpha versions, the user interface (especially placeholder icons) and other elements such as sounds, camera, FXs and animations are still work in progress and therefore not final.

If you wonder about the Wizard’s overcrowded spellbook: We made every spell available (according to his 9th level) for testing purposes. Under real circumstances, he wouldn’t had so many spells already unlocked.

We appreciate hearing your feedback and suggestions for improvements related to the combat system.

Also, based on your feedback to previously pu...

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Combat Development and Goblin Barbecue

We haven’t posted much lately because we focused all our efforts into developing the first playable iteration of the combat system. This combat prototype (or let’s say Combat Pre-Alpha) will include almost every action and spell of the classes Fighter, Barbarian, Cleric, Wizard, Ranger and Rogue (about 100 actions and spells in total).

Along with animations, character models and visual effects, we already implemented the sound for various weapons, spells and hit effects.

Until we can show you a detailed insight of the combat system, this little preview video will give you a first impression of the Fireball spell at a higher character level. Those poor Goblins never had a chance and died many deaths during the development.

Except for the combat grid, we completely hid the user interface bec...

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Combat System #2: Hexes vs. Squares

As you may recall, we touched upon this particular subject some time ago very briefly when we talked about our die rolling experiments with D&D 4th Edition: Six sides are better than four. Let’s elaborate.

This particular subject led to some of the most heated discussions among ourselves while we designed the combat system for Realms Beyond. There are times in the development cycle of a game that can lead to actual combat. Only in those cases, it typically gets resolved with arguments and words rather than the use of force and weapons.

Players of traditional D&D campaigns and those of the SSI Goldbox Games used to prefer dungeons and battlefields that were based on a square grid. Wargames and virtually every turn-based strategy game, on the other hand, favor hexagons...

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Source of Inspiration #1: SSI AD&D

Pool of Radiance

SSI’s Gold Box games, Pool of Radiance and Curse of the Azure Bonds may just be the single-most influential games for Realms Beyond. It may not be immediately evident since Realms Beyond looks a lot more like some  Baldur’s Gate or Temple of Elemental Evil variant with its top-down view. But once you dig deeper, you’ll notice that there are, in fact, a good number of features hearkening back to the Gold Box Series, such as the creation of not only a single character but that of an entire party. You will have to set aside some time to do this and chances are that after playing the game for a few of hours, you might want to go back and roll new characters. Perhaps you simply want to try something different to see how it feels, since there are so many options...

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Welcome to our blog!

The idea for Chaos Chronicles sprang from one simple fact: We sat together at lunch one day and discussed a couple of recent RPGs like Dragon Age, Oblivion or Witcher and while we agreed that those were great games, we missed many of the elements that you could find in the roleplaying games we played back in the late 80s and early 90s on our C64s and Amigas. Those were very different kinds of games and we missed many of the elements that made those games so exciting.

This was the very first blog post back in 2010, dedicated to a game project called Chaos Chronicles, a cRPG that we had under development at our former game studio, Coreplay, back then...

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