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Combat Alpha – First Screenshots

While the user interface of our combat alpha is still in the final polishing process, we can already present two screenshots from the upcoming scene.

A warband of orcs (along with a troll) ambushed the player’s party in morning hours while traveling through the wilderness.

Combat Alpha - Morning Mist

Combat Alpha - Morning Mist Zoomed

Some more variations with customized grid settings.

Dark variant – medium opacity

Bright variant – high opacity

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Combat System #2: Hexes vs. Squares

As you may recall, we touched upon this particular subject some time ago very briefly when we talked about our die rolling experiments with D&D 4th Edition: Six sides are better than four. Let’s elaborate.

This particular subject led to some of the most heated discussions among ourselves while we designed the combat system for Realms Beyond. There are times in the development cycle of a game that can lead to actual combat. Only in those cases, it typically gets resolved with arguments and words rather than the use of force and weapons.

Players of traditional D&D campaigns and those of the SSI Goldbox Games used to prefer dungeons and battlefields that were based on a square grid. Wargames and virtually every turn-based strategy game, on the other hand, favor hexagons...

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World Building #2: Where do you start designing an open world roleplaying game?

Dragon Avatar

Up to this point, most of our blog posts have covered sources of influence and inspiration and some general game mechanics. What we have not covered at all so far, is the world of Realms Beyond. That’s where I come in…

Some of you may know me as “Dragon” in our forums and I am the Creative Director of Realms Beyond, which means, I am overseeing the creation of the content that you will eventually play in the game.

I do have a background in game design and I’ve worked on numerous roleplaying games before, in a variety of capacities, and when I joined the Ceres Team some time ago, the first order of business was the general world design.

Dungeons & Dragons Player HandbooksWhile we’re using assets and code from the never-released Chaos Chronicles project, we decided early on to create the actual content for Realms Be...

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