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This welcoming place is the official forum of Realms Beyond and it is intended for helpful, entertaining and constructive discussions about the game itself, as well as some other topics related to roleplaying and/or fantasy games. To prevent total anarchy, disorientation and, of course, harassment, please keep to the following guidelines:

  • When posting to a thread, pay attention to the conversation and try to remain on topic
  • If you are looking for potential answers to general questions, please make sure to read the official postings and FAQ first. Use the search function to find solutions to your problem that may exist already. If that didn’t help, find a suitable existing thread to post your question to or start a new one
  • Spamming, obvious trolling, and vicious flaming...
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First Screenshots

In this post, we would like to present you with the first screenshot gallery with images that we have taken directly from the pre-alpha version of the game. We should point out, however, that parts of the engine and visuals are still work in progress.

As you can see, our isometric engine is optimized to display a lot of items on the screen at the same time, without suffering any performance hits. This has been achieved by combining pre-rendered 2D shapes with 3D meshes. By using dynamic real-time lighting on all these elements, the implementation of things, such as different times of day, are easily possible and have become quite important for our world simulation as a whole.

There is another interesting aspect that you may find intriguing...

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Combat System #1: Turn-based, RTwP and the Open Game License

After all this talk of exploration and adventuring, let’s turn our attention to more exciting things, such as combat, shall we? It’s a truly complex and crucial subject and during the time when Realms Beyond was merely an idea, we bounced around a number of approaches how to implement a tactically deep, but also entertaining, turn-based combat system in the game.

Dragon Age combat

We knew right from the beginning that we wanted a classic, turn-based system. Other options were certainly worth discussing and evaluating, but none ever struck us as ideal. We all played Dragon Age (the first and best part) which had a real-time combat system with a Pause-option. Nobody here felt comfortable with the concept of having a similar combat system in our game.

So why did we choose to go strictly turn-based over...

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Exploring the World #1: Worldmap Travelling

Aside from the games we already discussed, and the D&D pen&paper system, there is yet another tabletop roleplaying system that had a huge impact on us, particularly during the 90s. Das Schwarze Auge (The Dark Eye) is a German pen&paper roleplaying game system that has been hugely successful in German-speaking areas for decades. In fact, for most of the time, it has been more successful here than the D&D ruleset. Gamers outside of Germany may not be familiar with the tabletop variation of it, but many lovers of classic RPGs will, perhaps, remember its computer implementation, Realms of Arkania.

Realms of Arkania travel mapThe first game in the trilogy was called Blade of Destiny and was released in 1992. It was universally acclaimed for its depth and faithfulness to its pen&paper roots...

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