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World Building #2: Where do you start designing an open world roleplaying game?

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Up to this point, most of our blog posts have covered sources of influence and inspiration and some general game mechanics. What we have not covered at all so far, is the world of Realms Beyond. That’s where I come in…

Some of you may know me as “Dragon” in our forums and I am the Creative Director of Realms Beyond, which means, I am overseeing the creation of the content that you will eventually play in the game.

I do have a background in game design and I’ve worked on numerous roleplaying games before, in a variety of capacities, and when I joined the Ceres Team some time ago, the first order of business was the general world design.

Dungeons & Dragons Player HandbooksWhile we’re using assets and code from the never-released Chaos Chronicles project, we decided early on to create the actual content for Realms Be...

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