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The idea for Chaos Chronicles sprang from one simple fact: We sat together at lunch one day and discussed a couple of recent RPGs like Dragon Age, Oblivion or Witcher and while we agreed that those were great games, we missed many of the elements that you could find in the roleplaying games we played back in the late 80s and early 90s on our C64s and Amigas. Those were very different kinds of games and we missed many of the elements that made those games so exciting.

This was the very first blog post back in 2010, dedicated to a game project called Chaos Chronicles, a cRPG that we had under development at our former game studio, Coreplay, back then. At the time we started that blog, we were unaware of the dark clouds that loomed on the horizon and the tragic destiny that would befall our cherished game project. What happened? After months of friction and conflict with our former publisher, the project was eventually terminated by mid-2013 as a result of various legal uncertainties. Shortly thereafter, our game studio Coreplay, as well as the aforementioned publisher, went bankrupt. Naturally, no one doubted that these events were the final nail in the coffin of the project Chaos Chronicles.

Time passed and the coffin that lay buried deep in the tomb was all but forgotten…
Then, many years later, it so happened that an innocent group of adventurers recovered the ancient treasure and, with a little help from their Gnomish counselors, they unearthed and reclaimed it in one piece, much to everyone’s surprise.

Thus, on that day, Realms Beyond was born and although it is very much influenced by our previous efforts with Chaos Chronicles, Realms Beyond is entirely its own game. The world, the story, the content, the technology, and the visual presentation have evolved and much of it has changed entirely since then.

Nonetheless, let us now continue where we left off 4 years ago…

Classic RPGs remembered

We couldn’t help but wonder if there were others who, like us, remember games such as the Goldbox D&D series by SSI, or even older games, like Phantasie, or the early Ultima and Wizardry titles. Games that put a focus on the world and its locations rather than the fate of a single character whose destiny is told in a cinematic storyline. The kind of RPG in which you created your own party and occasionally had to live with the fact that one of its members didn’t make it back from a dungeon. You had to move on, but every time you were leveling up its replacement you would remember that knight or wizard and the epic battle where they fell. Remember, how that hero was protecting other party members or casting that one critical spell that finally turned the tide of the battle in favor of your party. Characters had meaning!

Realms Beyond became some sort of an idea that we carried around with us for some time. We dug out old game manuals and emulators and discussed our experience with those classic games from a modern point of view. We took notice of other games that gathered some recognition for being old-school, such as Etrian Odyssey or The Dark Spire on the Nintendo DS. Games that appealed to a particular niche audience but at the same time proved that there must be many other gamers around with fond memories of the golden days of computer RPGs.

In some of the upcoming blog posts, called Source of Inspiration, we will take you through a few of the games that inspired us to work on Realms Beyond. These posts will be the perfect background to help you understand some of the elements in our game and where they originated. But it’s not all about us! If you are an old-school RPGs player, like us, feel free to comment and contribute your very own memories of these classic games and how these RPGs have impacted you as a gamer.


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